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March 21, Salón Atlántico

Agenda day 2:


Day 1 
Wednesday, March 20th, Salón Atlántico - B and C, Hilton Hotel

Event closed by invitation and reconfirmation

9:30 am: Welcome breakfast and registration.

10:00 am: Opening remarks by the authorities.

10:00 am - 10:40 am: An updated overview of regulation in Chile, Argentina and Brazil will analyze the online and sports betting market in these countries. The latest trends in the market will be explored, including the growth of online sports betting and the impact of regulation on the market.

It will address the legal and regulatory requirements that companies must meet to operate in this market, including licenses and permits, taxes and other relevant regulations. Best practices for operating ethically and responsibly in the online and sports betting market will be discussed, and recommendations will be offered for companies to maximize their growth in this evolving industry.

Chile's online gambling regulation

  • Cecilia Valdés, President, Chilean Association of Gaming Casinos.

Current situation of online gaming in Argentina from the regulator's point of view:

Description of the current context of online gaming in Argentina. New online gaming operations in Argentina.
Current regulations and laws governing new online gambling operations in Argentina. Economic and social impact of new online gambling operations in Argentina. Description of clandestine gambling in Argentina and its impact on the economy and society. Measures and actions being carried out to combat illegal gambling in Argentina. Strategies to be implemented to prevent clandestine gambling in the future.Protection of vulnerable sectors. Live casino and its impact on online gambling in Argentina. 
Reflection on the challenges and opportunities presented by online gambling in Argentina.
Key messages and recommendations from regulators and online gambling market players in Argentina.

  • Ida Lopez, President, Mendoza Provincial Institute of Gaming and Casinos
  • Omar Galdurralde, President of Instituto Provincial de Lotería y Casinos de la provincia de Buenos Aires

Overview of sports betting regulation and legalization of gambling in the National Congress

  • José Magrinho, Instituto Brasileiro Jogo Legal

10:40 am - 11 am: Tackling illegal gambling: interaction between regulator, justice and operators.

In this talk, the problem of illegal gambling in Argentina and the interaction between the regulator, justice and operators to address this challenge in the gaming industry will be discussed. The challenges that illegal gambling presents to legal operators, including unfair competition, lack of consumer protection and possible association with criminal activities, will be explored, including the implementation of effective regulatory measures, cooperation with law enforcement and consumer education and awareness of the risks of illegal gambling.

Challenges and opportunities presented by the interaction between the regulator, the judiciary and operators in addressing illegal gambling, and how they can work together to protect the integrity of the market and promote a responsible and sustainable gambling industry.

  • Ezequiel Domínguez, lawyer of LOTBA and member of the Coordinating Unit of Work against Illegal and Clandestine Gambling of ALEA.
  • Celsa Victoria Ramirez, Fiscal en Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
  • Jorge Moreno, Responsable del Cuerpo de Investigaciones Judiciales, MPF CABA

Moderador: Héctor D'Amico, auditor LOTBA

11 am - 11:18 am: Payment Methods

Explain what a PSP is and its importance in the world of electronic payments. Payment methods: Describe the different types of electronic payment methods and their advantages and disadvantages. Technologies used in electronic payment processing and how they contribute to making payments more secure and efficient.cFraud prevention: Explain the different types of fraud in electronic payments and how PSPs work to prevent them. Concept of cashbacks and how PSPs use them as an incentive to build customer loyalty. Experiences in Brazil and other markets.

  •  Leonardo Baptista, Pay4Fun

11:18 am - 11:48 pm: How valuable are risk management systems, information security and a reliable infrastructure in your sports betting solutions and do your current operators consider it? 
Risk management systems are essential to ensure that sports betting operations are managed effectively and securely. These systems help to identify, assess and mitigate the risks associated with sports betting activities, which in turn helps to protect the integrity of the game and the reputation of the company. In terms of information security, it is critical to protect sensitive customer data and ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Protecting customers' personal and financial information is crucial to maintaining customer trust and loyalty. A reliable infrastructure is essential to ensure that sports betting operations run smoothly and effectively. This includes the use of up-to-date technology and systems, server redundancy and backup systems, among others.

  • Hugo Llanos, Altenar
  • Diego Salas, Altenar
  • Gabriel Szlaifsztein, Continent 8.

11:50 pm - 12:11 pm: Betting on e-sports. Esports have experienced a huge growth in recent years. According to a report by Newzoo, the eSports market is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2024. In addition, the number of eSports viewers is estimated to exceed 600 million by 2023. You will know the statistics of teams and players, odds setting and technical analysis. Its different platforms, such as PC, consoles and mobile devices and how they affect players' performance. Regulation in Esports, examples of international leagues.

  • Juana Bischoff, Senior Business Development Manager,

12.11 pm -12:30 pm: Poker: A mental sport in constant growth in Latin America. Current trends in the poker vertical and ways in which operators in the region can maximize their poker revenues. Success stories. According to a report by Newzoo, the online poker market is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2023.  The Latin American region has experienced significant, steady double-digit growth. Product shifts towards a more entertainment and user experience oriented approach. 

How to maximize poker: examples of effective marketing strategies, new promotional offers and attractive bonuses for players, as well as the expansion of its online poker game offerings.

  • Manuel Jimenez, EvenBet
  • Patricio Molloy, CoFounder, Latam Entertainment

12:30 pm - 1:05 pm: How Many Games Does an iGaming Business Need for Stable Revenue Growth?

During the presentation, Dario Leiman, on the examples of successful iGaming projects, would:

  • Outline the role of game portfolio for iGaming business;
  • Tell you how to determine the ideal number of games for stable revenue, balancing between quantity and quality;
  • Cover the influence of games on key business metrics for operators;
  • Describe how to adapt worldwide iGaming solutions for the LatAm market
  • Dario Leiman, Regional Business Development Manager, SOFTSWISS

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Cocktail Lunch with Speakers and VIP guests.

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm: Coffee networking with Speakers and VIP guests.

3:00 pm: Ribbon cutting in the main hall and opening of the expo.



SAGSE Unlocked

Salón Atlantico A.

Format of round table on specific topics, closed doors, by invitation and for a maximum of 15/20 people. 

10am to 11am: "INFRASTRUCTURE AND SECURITY AS AN ADDED VALUE TO THE USER EXPERIENCE". A technological approach to improve the availability and quality of service in igaming.

Introduction: Brief explanation about the importance of the technological infrastructure and the need to keep it secure.

Datacenter vs. specialized igaming Datacenter: What to consider when choosing where to host your data. Benefits of an industry-defined design.

IT infrastructure design: Explanation of best practices in design and construction. Description of the different components of the IT infrastructure, including servers, storage and networking, and how they integrate into an overall data center.

Maintenance and monitoring: Description of the activities required to ensure, including systems monitoring, change management and continuity testing.

Cybersecurity: Description of key cyber threats and best practices for protecting systems and data in an enterprise environment. Statistics and trends.

Q&A: Open session for questions and answers on the topics presented in the talk.

Conclusion: Summary of key points and final recommendations to ensure the security and proper functioning of the company's technological infrastructure.

  • Gabriel Szlaifsztein, Continent 8.

11:15 am to 12:30 pm: Single Technical Module: Recovery and effective maintenance of Slots: Troubleshooting, theoretical / practical

Introduction to the single technical module and its importance in the effective maintenance of equipment.
Troubleshooting: concept, tools and techniques to solve common slot problems.
Common slot problems: description and effective solutions.
Technical training: how to acquire and maintain the necessary skills for effective slot maintenance.
Theoretical-practical laboratory exercises: practical examples to apply what was learned in the lecture.
Conclusions and recommendations for effective slot maintenance.

This agenda would allow attendees to acquire fundamental technical knowledge for the effective maintenance of slots, through troubleshooting techniques and effective solutions to common problems. In addition, it would include a practical section with laboratory exercises to apply the acquired knowledge.

  • Patricio Rocco Slot Line Cleaners.

3:30pm to 4:15 pm: "Implementation of the Responsible Gaming Standard and tools for its correct analysis".

Introduction to the Responsible Gaming standard and its importance in the gaming industry. Modules of the standard: description and how to implement them. Re-certification of the standard: why is it important and how to prepare for it?
JR tools: use and benefits.
6330 compliance: what is it and how is it applied?
Customer UX: how to improve user experience and satisfaction.
Reporting and analysis: importance and how to perform them.
Tips for a successful presentation on the responsible gaming standard.
Examples of successful cases in the implementation of the standard.
This agenda would provide a complete overview of the Responsible Gaming standard, covering its implementation as well as its maintenance and continuous improvement. In addition, it includes important aspects such as legal compliance and user experience, as well as tips and practical examples for its presentation and application in the real world.

Responsible Gaming Digital Platform (RGDP) as an ally for efficient prevention.
Technologies applied to player identification - Benefits and concerns of each one.
Points to take into account when deciding to start a PDJR project.
Omnichannel linked to Responsible Gaming - Consistent gaming experience.

  • Mariana Ioizaga, ex subgerente de conducta del juego de LOTBA
  • Federico Quintero - Gerente de Relaciones Institucionales, Codere
  • Mariano Sosa, Plan A Technologies
  • Mauro Ernesto Guevara, Instituto Provincial de Lotería y Casinos Provincia de Buenos Aires

4:20 pm to 4:45 pm: Sportbetting: Match-fixing: how it affects the industry and why it is essential to combat it.

Panel discussion on the sports betting industry. Today we are seeing the growing issue of match-fixing at the sports level. Risk analysis on several fronts: Economic, Sectoral Image, and Product. Debate on how to provide a positive idea, adding tools to attack the root of the issue. Possible synergies and coordination of efforts as key tools.

  • Juan Matias Méndez, Manager Integrity Partnerships, Sportradar LATAM

4:50pm a 5:05 pm: The value of community engagement, the importance of creating a long-term sustainable strategy.

The importance of promoting the inclusion of deaf people and sign language in business and society in general, Success stories from other industries. Context: Facts and figures that illustrate the current situation of deaf people in society, such as the number of people who use sign language, the barriers they face in their daily lives, etc. Successful experiences of inclusion: Concrete examples of companies that have implemented successful strategies for the inclusion of deaf people and the promotion of sign language in their work environment and in society. Benefits of inclusion in society at large. Improved work climate and diversity to access to a new market and a positive image of the company. Challenges and barriers will discuss possible solutions and strategies to overcome them. Sector commitment and future actions.

  • Agata Fornasa, Presidente SEA. Señas en Accion ONG.

5:05 pm a 5:30 pm: Triple Impact in the Hotel, Casino and Bingo Industry.
We will explore comparative experiences in tourism, hospitality and casinos and bingos on triple impact. Comparative success cases between the industries on social responsibility, hotel jobs for employment insertion, triple impact and sustainable development policies. The importance of tourism and the hotel industry in the economy of Argentina and Latin America. Comparative statistics. The growing interest in the combination of these three sectors. Some Latin American countries, such as Uruguay and Chile, have implemented tourism and hotel policies that include the promotion of casinos and bingos as part of their tourism offer. Social responsibility, many hotels and casinos in Argentina have implemented policies and programs to improve their social and environmental impact. Hotels and casinos have a significant impact on the environment and society, so it is important to implement sustainable and responsible practices to minimize this impact and promote sustainable development.

  • Franco Luciano Di Pasquo. Director Ejecutivo. AHT Asociación de Hoteles de Turismo de la República Argentina.
  • Daniela Finocchiaro, Coordinadora del Programa Hoteles más Verdes, AHT

SAGSE Acquisition

March 21, Salón Atlántico

Agenda day 2:

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